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Starting in the 50ies monoplastik builds up the production of High frequency welded PVC products.

The substitution of traditional materials such as carton, leather and fabrics by products made from PVC was the start for a successful business in a new modern age.
Significant for the relatively new raw material was a better durability, new available colours, new possible shapes and reasonable prices.
Especially three dimensional items as boxes and covers for cameras and umbrellas, cases for playing cards, cosmetical items and playing cards, purses and wallets become the most important items and were produced in great quantities.

In the 70ies PVC articles captured the market of Office Supplies

Files and folders
Transparent pockets
Desk Pads
Name badges
Book covers
Luggage tags
Ticket holders
School articles
All products made from flexible foils in long lasting qualities.

In the 80ies new plastics changed parts of the market and environmental difficulties substituted some articles.
But monoplastik could survive this difficult times by a new strategic planning and custom made specialized products.
New environmental friendly foils guaranteed a optimum performance on all articles. PVC products become substantial part in the packaging, decoration and presentation.

The 90ies and the new century show a continuous development in new specific foils with characteristics in conformity of the markets.
Hard foils are looking like glas, soft foils can be used in medical environment, high and low temperature have no influence to the performance of the foil and nearly all colours can be produced.
Special foils for mousepads, for hotpacks and cooling devices, odorless foils, or foils with special odors, nearly no characteristic is impossible.
Up to now this nearly unlimited possibillities guarantee a good and prosperous development of this market and for monoplastik.

Meanwhile monoplastik has become a capable partner for a lot of customers who are in all fields of indisties and services.

Meeting the demands and finding and developing of solutions for very different requirements from all economic partners is actually the main field of monoplastik`s engagement.

With some plants in other countries we can provide all kind of plastic articles , made from PVC, PE, PET, EVA and PP.

Since April 2015, the business sector Plastic Processing is a division of Datamark


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